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[251] What are the Outdoor Fitness Equipment-----boxing equipment

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1, What are the Outdoor Fitness Equipment-----boxing equipment

Hand band is one of the cheapest boxing equipment (usually 3.5 meters and 4.6 meters two) their usual training according to their own fist size, habits to choose their favorite length of the band, hand band can be very good The protection of wrist tendon & hand joints of cartilage tissue; usually training must be wrapped around the hand guard to protect themselves. Hand band can not be wrapped too tight, too loose; too easy to impede hand blood circulation, wrist easily hurt. Too loose training and handguards when the game is easy to fall off.

What are the boxing equipment

2, What are the protective equipment boxing gear

Dental care points on the teeth; upper and lower teeth and teeth. Dental care to protect the fighter's teeth; chin. The fighter secures the jaw by tightly biteing the denture to reduce the shock of the other's hitting the head. Reduce the chance of being injured and knocked down. Wear protective gear to breathe will be very difficult to affect the boxer normal play, so usually have to wear protective gear during training, slowly to adapt.

3, What are the protective equipment boxing equipment

Different gender, body design is also different. Body protection can not only protect the middle area of ??the body, but also protect the vital organs of the lower abdomen. Although the body wear will be very uncomfortable, but it can play a very good protective effect.

4, What are the helmet boxing equipment

4.1, open face: Protective effect General helmet, only to protect some cheeks, forehead, usually more common in amateur competitions.

Advantages: the line of sight is the best in all helmet types, the overall helmet light weight, chin, head circumference can do a wide range of adjustment, so the comfort, fit the best.

4.2, half monkey face: protective effect is much better than the open face helmet, in addition to the nose, chin can not defense, other facial organs can be defensive.

Advantages: Cheek full protection, good sight, the overall weight of the helmet lighter, chin, head circumference can do a wide range of adjustments, so the comfort, fit is also very good.

What are the boxing equipment

4.3, the whole monkey face: the most recommended kind of boxing helmet, the parameters of a balanced, but not suitable for nose bleed boxer.

Advantages: In addition to the nose, the head can protect other organs, better line of sight, weight balance Disadvantages: the nose can not be protected, but exposed organs are limited to the nose, pay attention to the use of glove in the actual combat block can be a good change all Monkey face helmet this shortcoming. Chin part of the regulation can not be adjusted at the same time, the solid chin led to the brain can not be a wide range of regulation, so fit, comfort than the previous two general.

[249] Resealable?aluminum?foil?packaging?bags

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Packaging the general name of the containers, materials and auxiliaries used to protect the product, facilitate its storage and transportation, promote sales, and in accordance with certain technical methods of circulation; also refer to the use of containers, materials and auxiliaries for the above purposes, The process of applying certain technical methods and other operational activities. Marketing-oriented packaging planning strategy, a broad sense of the package. You can also dress up someone or something, or do your best to help him be perfect in one area. China's national standard GB / T4122.1-1996 stipulates that the definition of packaging is: "In order to protect the products in the distribution process to facilitate storage and transportation, sales promotion, according to a certain technical methods used containers, materials and auxiliary materials such as the overall Name also refers to the operation of the container, materials and ancillary objects in the process of applying certain technical methods to achieve the above-mentioned purpose. "Other countries or organizations have different expressions and understanding of the meaning of the package, but the basic meaning is consistent , Both of which have the function of packaging and their core content, generally have two meanings: ① Containers, materials and ancillary items, that is, packages, which are used to hold goods; ② Technical activities concerning the carrying out of dressings, seals and bandages.
Parafilim is a kind of composite material, which has sealing performance and anti-counterfeiting effect, preventing the volatile, pollution and odorless product contents from precipitating. This product is widely used: cosmetic packaging sealing film, sealing film daily necessities packaging, food packaging sealing film, pharmaceutical packaging sealing film and chemical packaging sealing film and other industries. Main features of the sealing film sealing effect is good, with anti-counterfeiting effect, to prevent volatile product content and pollution, sealing performance can be odorless precipitation. In addition also has the security and anti-theft, in addition can also be printed on the sealing film company advertising to achieve publicity
Packaging bags, including aluminum foil bags and a series of packaging products have been uncommon in life, and today we have to mention another kind of packaging products, but also the current sweeping the world of a packaging equipment, it is currently the market's most common sealing film .
What is the sealing film, I believe we had tea, yogurt eaten instant noodles, pickles all know that there is a layer of membrane surface to eat inside to eat food, this layer of protective film is the so-called sealing film. It is like many bags also belong to the aluminum foil bags, sealing film can be translucent, transparent or plastic or aluminum foil packaging material, is now widely used in many packaging industries.
Sealing film can tightly wrap the surface, so that it does not leak, it's good permeability, moisture-proof also with isolation performance, there is enough quality to isolate the air and other products on the exchange of air.

[247] Talking about sport medal

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A sport medal is a tangible, durable reminder of a specific achievement, and serves as recognition or evidence of merit. medal are often awarded for sporting events, from youth sports to professional level athletics. In many sports medal (or, in North America, rings) are often given out either as the trophy or along with more traditional medals.

Originally the word medal, derived from the Greek tropaion, referred to arms, standards, other property, or human captives and body parts (e.g., headhunting) captured in battle. These war trophies commemorated the military victories of a state, army or individual combatant. In modern warfare trophy taking is discouraged,but this sense of the word is reflected in hunting trophies and human trophy collecting by serial killers.

custom medal
3D printed medal - Essenscia award 2014
Unique 3D printed medal for Essenscia, the Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences industries.
A slang term for an individual or team's collection of medals is silverware.[citation needed]
Contemporary sport medal often depict an aspect of the event commemorated, for example in basketball tournaments, the trophy takes the shape of a basketball player, or a basketball. Trophies have been in the past objects of use such as two-handled cups, bowls, or mugs (all usually engraved); or representations such as statues of people, animals, and architecture while displaying words, numbers or images. While trophies traditionally have been made with metal figures, wood columns, and wood bases, in recent years they have been made with plastic figures and marble bases. This is to retain the weight traditionally associated with a quality award and make them more affordable to use as recognition items. Trophies increasingly have used resin depictions.

The Academy Awards Oscar is a medal with a stylized human; the Hugo Award for science fiction is a space ship; and the Wimbledon awards for its singles champions are a large loving cup for men and a large silver plate for women.

A loving-cup medal is a common variety of medal; it is a cup shape, usually on a pedestal, with two or more handles, and is often made from silver or silver plate.
Hunting trophies are reminders of successes from hunting animals, such as an animal's head mounted to be hung on a wall.

Perpetual medals are held by the winner until the next event, when the winner must compete again in order to keep the medal. In some competitions winners in a certain number of consecutive or non-consecutive events receive the medal or its copy in permanent ownership.

[246] Some of Little Known but Extremely Useful Query Tools for Trade in China

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We often use some query tools such as international express inquiries, air bill of lading number inquiries, ocean bill of lading number inquiries, China tariff inquiries in our trade. But there are several query tools little known but very easy to use, and they are very important

1) Chinese people cannot search with Google in China because of political and other reasons. They use their country-specific search engine: Baidu, which runs independently of Google, and that means a lot of information is not available with Google. For example, you are planning work with a new Chinese supplier and would like to know about the company, or want to know whether there is a bigger and better manufacturer for certain product, or you want to work with a real manufacturer rather than through traders, and you can search with Baidu for relevant information. If you have a friend who speaks Chinese, you can ask him for a favor, and you will have unexpected results, because information found by Baidu is broader and more real. Web site: Remember: Input Chinese for better search results!

2) If you have a new supplier whose offer is very attractive, but because it is a new supplier, you are not familiar with it and your current understanding of it only comes from Google or some other trading platforms. If you want to learn more about the real situation of the company, for example, its size, credit status or integrity, etc., you can use this tool to find the above information from the official government records, which are very comprehensive and authentic.  More importantly, it comes in English and is free of charge! Website:

3) Do you want to know your which large factories in China produce the product that interests you, do want to know the customs declaration amount of the product? You can access to the Chinese customs data for exact query, and you will see which factories are the biggest exporters of the product you purchase and their export declaration amount and other information! The data there are 100% accurate because they are derived from China customs records. These factories are the actual manufacturers and not traders. These data are of great reference value. Website:

4) Sometimes you have agreed with a factory on the delivery of goods, but in the end you find they are still delayed. In order to avoid fines, factories often say that should be attributed to Chinese customs inspection or deduction of goods which is out of their control, but some of the Chinese customs information is not symmetrical and it is always impossible to trace. On the contrary, you can find the truth on your own; you can find all the information about China customs and tiers. Inquiry address: It is free of charge. Input the container number, you will be immediately told when the container was returned to the tier, and when it was released by the customs, whether the customs inspected and other detailed dynamic information.

5) For counterparts engaged in trade, the general channel through which you acquire product and price information channels are some third-party trading platforms that people all know, but not all of the factories release their products on these platforms, often some very innovative and interesting stuff are not available on those platforms. Alibaba has a B2C website for the country, also China's largest electronic business platform, where some very fresh and innovative things can be found, including copy goods, you can find a friend who speaks Chinese for help (99% are searchable with Chinese), you can find the right product first before finding a factory. Website:


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DDSY1398,China smart energy meter manufacturer is Huizhou Zhongcheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development for a foreign market, especially the African market with prepaid token recharge function of single-phase two-wire intelligent energy meter, measuring active energy, precision 1.0, support RS485 communication And light port (near infrared), protection class to IP54, low power consumption, with the international norms of advanced anti-tampering function. In addition, customers can also choose to customize the replacement rate (4 sets), key display and replaceable built-in battery. This product has been certified by Nigeria SONCAP, is currently ready to bulk supply market.
  The company was established in 2004, located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province Zhongkai state-level high-tech zones, with a total construction area of 30,000 square meters of standard factory buildings and ancillary facilities, is specialized in energy measurement products R & D, production, sales and service as one Of the state-level high-tech enterprises.
  China smart energy meter supplier,ZCET。
  Companies in the "concerned about the livelihood of the people, the measurement Huimin" business purposes, holding the "loyalty to the people, to seek good deeds, excellence, customer first" business philosophy, the company for six consecutive years by the Huizhou City
  Administration for Industry and Commerce awarded the " Credit enterprises, "and won the Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Social Responsibility Award, brand-name products, famous trademarks, outstanding credit enterprises, corporate credit rating AAA grade credit enterprise honorary title.

[244] Inkjet Printer,Thermoforming machine

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Inkjet Printer,Thermoforming machine。
The HSAjet controller is a very cost-effective HP based printing solution designed for limited printing jobs still requiring a high-resolution and high quality print. It is the ideal solution for packaging in the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The online inkjet print system is built with customized printhead servo driven mechanism and compact integrated controller unit, which can be perfectly integrated with all horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines with up to four HP printheads.

Flexible& Easy handle
It is a very compact solution and calls for a minimum amount of maintenance. Consequently, NO special training is required to operate and maintain the inkjet print system, and the cartridges are clean and easy to install.

Powerful solution
The availability of different printhead styles makes the system usable in a variety of applications printing horizontally or vertically/down.
The combination of hardware and software provides a powerful printing solution as a stand alone or as part of an integrated application.

1-4 Pen printhead as optional
Translational displacements of printhead driven by servo motor
Maximum working speed: 15cycles/ min

ZY AUTOMATOIN,Thermoforming machinery manufacturer,Welcome to the new and old customers throughout the visit!

[243] ART Wing Display,German manikin woman egg head female mannequin display

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ART Wing Display,German manikin woman egg head female mannequin display
  German manikin woman egg head female mannequin display cheap in boutique 。
  Advantages:1、23 years experiences
2、1500 styles for your choice
3、5 time polisting and 6 times painting
4、2 own factories, 350 skilled workers, 5000Pcs/Month
5、7 layer K-K carton
  Materials: Fiberglass/ PU
  Color:All RAL or PANTONE color acceptable
  Surface:Glossy, matte, water print transfer, fabric wrapped, chrome, electroplating
  Face:Make up face, Realistic face,Abstract face and egg head for your choose.
  Style:Male, female, kid, dress form, torso(head, hand, leg, foot, chest, hip), dummy
  Posture :Standing, Sitting , Lying , Squatting, Running, golf, dancing etc
  Package:Original (bubble wrap,sponge,7 layers K-K carton); Optional(air bag, inner carton,accessories box)
  Accessories :Original(tempering glass base,foot and calf stick); Optional(metal base,rolling base for dress form, back fitting for boots)
  ART Wing Display,Female Body Suit Mannequin,Welcome to the new and old customers throughout the visit!

[242] The Economics of E-Waste Recycling

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There are layers of difficulty when it comes to recycling electronics materials back into usable products.

First off, there's the issue of actually making the materials usable again. After all, for a recycling center to operate, the materials it produces must be used. The centers can’t just recycle material and then hoard it in storage containers.

Even if a recycling center can produce a usable material, the next question is whether or not anyone will buy it. Perhaps the largest issue is that successful municipal solid waste recycling machine is only viable when the use of such material by a manufacturer does not come at a cost to that manufacturer. In other words, why would a manufacturer use recycled material if purchasing new raw material is a cheaper alternative?

This leads to the crux of the recyclable materials issue: economics.
Recycling centers must also consider what can be considered an acceptable loss for selling recycled materials. Many recycling centers are funded by local governments but must sell the materials they produce to help balance the budget. Therefore, when deciding what price to sell the material at, the raw material cost for virgin material must be considered, as well. This leads to a problem where, if a raw material suddenly drops in value, a center may have to cease recycling as they will not be able to sell that recovered material at an acceptable price and stay in business.

Thanks to the recent value drop in lead glass, for example, one recycling center in Brunswick County, North Carolina, is now refusing old electronic waste. This is a situation that we can see repeated across the US. From Rhode Island to New Jersey to Texas, facilities decline to accept e-waste recycling equipment primarily for financial reasons, often in conjunction with changes to local or state regulations.

[241] Makeup Subscription Boxes

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JJX, you’ve come to the right place. These are monthly beauty boxes that mostly focus on makeup and makeup tools. You’ll never have to worry about spending hours choosing the perfect makeup ensemble because you can now have them delivered to your doorstep. There are makeup boxes offering handpicked paper cosmetic box and all-natural beauty products, while others come with a monthly theme. Lipsticks, lip balms, eye shadows, eyeliners, powder & liquid foundations, cheek tint ? name it and there’s a makeup box that will fulfill your makeup needs. See what kind of makeup products are currently on trend ? here are our Makeup Subscription Box reviews! You can also check the general Beauty Box Subscriptions category, if you’re open to other beauty items!

[240] RFID Waste Bin Tag for smart waste management

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The encapsulation of the transponder in Epoxy and the Nylon housing protect extremely well against mechanical and chemical stresses and warrant durability.
RFID waste bin rfid tags are specially designed for automatic garbage collection.
It can be installed inside or outside of trash cans, and can be read by a RFID reader that is utilized by the drivers in the collection trucks. Throughout the application of waste bin tag, not only efficiency improving, especially a unique programmed number that associates to a garbage cart and an address, but also a possibility for loyalty and reward programs offering to residents.

Dimension :
1)30mm diameter, 15mm thickness,6mm hole
2)26mm diameter,9mm thickness, 3mm hole
Working Frequency : 125 kHz/ 13.56Mhz / UHF
IC : optional (EM4305,HitagS256 , T5577, Mifare classic 1K, Alien H3)
Material: ABS + Epoxy
Operating Temperature: -25 to +60 ℃
Storage Temperature: -40 to +70℃

-Easy installation
-Reliable, consistent performance


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